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Statham & Long is an adoption lawyer in Peoria IL. We want to help parents easily navigate legal requirements and technicalities, helping them bring their new family together. Whether you are giving up your baby, adopting a child through an adoption agency, choosing private adoption, or adopting a step-child, there are many different legal requirements to be aware of. For more information and a better understanding of when and how to adopt, keep reading.

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How Can An Adoption Lawyer Help Me?

The team at Statham & Long will start with a questionnaire intended to help determine your eligibility to adopt. While it’s not the authoritative decision-maker, it functions nicely as a way to detect potential issues early in the process.

The lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable on state- and country-specific adoption laws and provide guidance based on your specific situation. We’ll also prepare you for any hearings that may be required in the adoption process. In addition, your adoption attorney can represent you in court if there are legal complications.

An adoption lawyer can also help you find an agency to adopt from if you need one, can file any necessary paperwork, and can represent you in court if necessary.

Adopting internationally:

Our lawyers understand international adoption laws, including facilitating the Hague convention international adoptions as well as non-Hague convention adoptions.

Adopting internationally does carry its own unique costs. Unlike most domestic adoptions, travel costs factor in as one of the most considerable expenses associated with international adoption. Some countries require more trips to finalize the adoption than others do.

We can best explain pricing after an in-person meeting to familiarize ourselves with your unique situation. Click the button below to schedule a free consultation.

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Things to Know About the Adoption Process

The adoption process takes time. The entire adoption can take up to 5 years including waiting periods, but you should expect to end the process with a child who is a legal member of your family.

Paperwork you may need: certified copies or originals of the adoptive parent(s) birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates (if applicable), a doctor's examination and statement from the health insurance company that will cover the adopted child, criminal background check release forms and reports, local police department letters of good standing, passports, and any relevant immigration documentation.

Adoption Lawyer VS Adoption Agency

There are two common forms of adoption: private and agency. In a private adoption, also called independent adoption, the adopting parent works primarily with an attorney throughout the adoption process instead of with an adoption agency. There are advantages to each approach.

Adoption attorneys follow the laws of the state(s) where you and the birth parents reside, but unlike agencies, they may be less encumbered by additional qualification requirements.

Many agencies require additional paperwork as well as time spent in adoption education classes prior to approval.

Working with an attorney means more involvement from you throughout the process, but you will likely save money in the long run, especially if you already have a connection with the birth parents and you only need the adoption attorney to complete the legal steps in relinquishment, placement, and finalization.

Working with an agency, you’ll likely be less involved in the adoption process, and the agency will walk you through each step of the adoption process and provide the professionals to guide you.

You’ll also likely receive hours of training in preparation for your adoption. Adoption education classes help prepare you to be an adoptive parent.

Costs Of Hiring An Adoption Lawyer in Peoria IL

In determining costs for the adoption process, a law firm will consider a few different factors. Most will offer flat fee services for simple issues like document drafting, review, and filing. For more complex issues like talking to an adoptions agency or going to court, most lawyers charge an hourly rate. Rates will vary depending on the complexity of your case.

We can best explain pricing after an in-person meeting to familiarize ourselves with your unique situation.

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Adoption Lawyer in Peoria IL

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